OtherWorlds Box Set

OtherWorlds YA sci-fi and fantasy box set


You may have heard that Sarah, my short story prequel in the Ninety-five percent Human series, is included in the OtherWorlds Box Set. Nine YA sci-fi and fantasy stories in one neat package. (Don’t you think the girl on the cover could be Sarah?)

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Other books in the OtherWorlds Box Set

Here are the stories included in the set:

The Given

by Colby R Rice

Oscillating Olaf

by Jason Werbeloff

Dragon’s Egg

by Emily Sorensen

White Stone

by M B Robbins


by Julie C Gilbert

Knight’s Apprentice

by Catrina Taylor

Man of Cloud 9

by Adam Dreece

Time of the Takeover

by Lena Mae Hill


by Suzanna Williams

I’m really excited to be included in the OtherWorlds Box Set. Claim your free copy now.

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  1. How exciting to be included in a box set! I’m going to share the link with my son, he likes a bit of sci-fi.

  2. Sounds good! Well done on having your book included 🙂

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