ShockWaves YA action adventure with a telepathic twist

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Sixteen year old Lee Banner thinks he’s a daydreamer. One minute he’s watching the football, the next he’s seeing a girl in a car crash. It’s so real he can feel her fear, hear her scream. But when he meets Paige Harper, the girl from the crash, and her parents have actually been killed in a hit-and-run accident, can it really be just his over-active imagination?

And then Paige is kidnapped. Will their special connection and Lee’s parkour be enough to save her?

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Hold onto the edge of your seat with this fast-paced, YA action-adventure with a telepathic twist.

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Ms Williams has constructed a mental tennis-match that really gets the adrenaline pumping.

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Chapter One

He’s closing on the car in front; his foot is pressed hard on the accelerator. He’s near enough to see the BMW badge on its boot, for its tail lights to turn the inside of his car a glowing red. He sees the eyes of the driver in the rear view mirror, wide, surprised, confused. He’s thought about those eyes every day for the past thirteen years, waiting for this moment. He blasts the horn, flashes the headlights, grins. Might as well play a little; stretch out the fun.

“Not so sure of yourself now are you, Mr Grass-on-your-own-Grandmother-because-it’s-your-Public-Duty?” he mocks. His voice is harsh and triumphant.

They’re nearing the river. The engine roars as he pulls out to overtake. He’s chosen this car well, enjoys its power. Its owner will be angry when he returns to the car park and finds it gone. As he pulls alongside, he grits his teeth, takes a grip of the wheel and swings it hard towards the BMW.

* * *

Lee’s head smashed sideways into the car window. The sound of twisting, tearing metal screamed in his ears as the bumper of the red car beside them tore into the driver’s door.

A red car?

But he was sitting in the living room watching the football match.


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