AfterShock is the second book in the ShockWaves Series - fast-moving, action-packed young adult thriller books with a telepathic twist

He used his abilities to save her, but now his secret’s out.

Lee and Paige are trying to get their lives back to normal. But the kidnap has brought their telepathic abilities to the attention of PsyConX, a secret government research programme.

Lee’s life takes a terrifying turn when he is forcibly recruited as lab-rat for Christine Farrell, a fanatical scientist, for whom no moral or ethical standards apply.

Will Paige be able to break Lee out of Britain’s top secure facility before their shocking experiments change him forever?

If you like twisted villains, crazy fights and chases, and a touch of romance, you’ll love these books.

... YA ass kicking story ...

I enjoyed the story. It read well and was built properly.

John Gerry

BOOK Research for AfterShock

Suzanna Williams is out-and-about doing book research for the book 2 of the ShockWaves series.
What are the secrets hidden on this hillside along the Shropshire/Welsh border?