Book 3 in the ShockWaves Series - fast-moving, action-packed young adult thriller books with a telepathic twist

You can run. Or you can fight back.

Lee and Paige have escaped PsyConX, the secret government telepathy research programme, but Lee’s new abilities frighten Paige. Tension mounts, loyalties are tested, and family secrets revealed, as Lee and Paige race to stay one step ahead of the agents sent to recapture them by the General, a power-hungry psychopath.

When the General takes their best friends as hostages, Lee and Paige must decide… Do they run? Or do they fight back?

Whatever they choose, their lives will never be the same.

ShockTactics is the thrilling conclusion to the ShockWaves series; a fast-moving, action-packed young adult adventure trilogy.

If you like twisted villains, crazy fights and chases, and a touch of romance, you need to read these books.