Five percent Alien

Five percent alien

The second in the Ninety-five percent Human series - a young adult romance alien invasion adventure

available in paperback and ebook

Ger you copy of Five percent Alien
  • My girlfriend comes from America. LIE.
  • She is not a human/alien hybrid. ANOTHER LIE.
  • There’s an alien mother spaceship hiding round the dark side of the moon, and the next wave of Earth-plundering aliens just kidnapped my brother because they thought he was me. Uh oh! THAT’S TRUE.

Joe has lied so often about Sarah’s life before she came to the farm, he’s beginning to believe the stories himself. In fact, he thinks he’s doing a pretty good job of hiding her in plain sight.

But with our Earth at the top of every alien’s dream-planet wish-list, and Sarah’s DNA holding the key to their ability to survive here, it isn’t long before they come to track her down.

As more and more extra-terrestrial problems threaten to blow Sarah’s cover, Joe’s lies begin to unravel big time, putting their friends, family, and the entire human race in danger.

Together with Jake, the evolving AI with a love of bad jokes, Joe scrambles to keep Sarah safe and ward off another alien attack.

How hard can it be?