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Help! I don’t have a romantic read for Valentine’s Day

A romantic read for Valentine’s Day.

British Books Challenge 2017A romantic read for Valentine’s Day. That was my idea for February’s British Books Challenge 2017. So, I wanted a YA romance written by a UK author. You wouldn’t think that was too hard.

Whilst a lot of the YA books I read have a romantic element in them, I wanted a bit more for Valentine’s – a YA chick flick, if you like.

Goodreads Young Adult New Releases

A quick search on Goodreads brought up 12 lovely titles. romantic readWhat an exciting line up!

Carve the Mark and Caraval are on my TBR list. But Veronica Roth is American and so is Stephanie Garber. Wayfarer has a gorgeous cover but Alexandra Braken‘s from the US, as is Adam Silvera. Are you seeing a pattern here?

OK, so Elly Blake‘s Canadian but then we have: Kasey West – American, A G Howard – American, Jeff Giles – American, Katie McGarry – American, Josh Sundquist – American, Robin Talley – American,  Corey Ann Haydu – American, Kristen Orlando – American. Arghhhh!!!!!  I soooo wanted to read You Don’t Know my Name.

Finally, I got to A Quiet Kind of Thunder. Author, Sara Barnard, lives in Brighton. Yay!! And then there was Wait for Me by Caroline Leech who was born in Scotland but now lives in Texas so I wasn’t sure she would count for the challenge.

a quiet kind of thunder

I was considering A Quiet Kind of Thunder. The blurb sounded interesting

Steffi doesn’t talk.
Rhys can’t hear.
They understand each other perfectly.
Love isn’t always a lightning strike. Sometimes it’s the rumbling roll of thunder…

And then I got to this, ‘Stories about female friendships are hard to come by, especially ones with no romance.’ Wait! No romance? What happened to my chick-flick?

Amazon Teen and Young Adult Romance

amazon teen and ya romance

I took to Amazon. Surely they wouldn’t let me down.

All books on the first page of the best seller Teen and Young Adult Romance category (yes, even the Vampire paranormal romance that I didn’t want to read) were by American authors. What was happening?

Teen and Young Adult Romantic Comedy

Amazon teen and young adult romantic comedy

I tried the Teen and Young Adult Romantic Comedy because, after all I’d wanted a chick-flick. All American, except for Wataru Watari who is a Japanese author and still didn’t count for the challenge. After scrolling through a page or so I got fed up.

Does this mean British authors don’t/can’t write YA love stories?


I am still romance-less for Valentine’s Day. Anyone got any suggestions for a young adult chick-flick by a UK author?

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