script for MY WORLD

Writing a script for MY WORLD starring the Nissan 350Z

Every so often you’re asked to get involved in something different and exciting. So when Moving Productions asked me to write a voice over for the film they were shooting which featured an awesome Nissan 350Z, I had to say yes.

The brief was interesting. They wanted a short scripted introduction that was about the car, but not obviously about the car. Umm, OK.

They shot the footage in a grungy warehouse. I loved the atmosphere (not to mention the car). It was when I saw the model walking among the ‘glass and steel’ that I hit on the idea for ‘My World.’ Viewers would think she was talking about ‘her world in the warehouse’, when really she meant her world was the car. Get the connection?

Watch the video and see how it worked out.

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Massive Summer Reader Blowout Giveaway

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